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The jack-of-all trades solo agent role of Realtors is killing the industry

The Top 10 Irreversible Current Market Trends that: Could Eliminate 80% of Realtors Cut Commissions by up to 70% Make Realtors Less Relevant to Consumers Disintermediate Realtors from Transactions Change how...

A Wake-Up Call for the Real Estate Industry

A tsunami of unprecedented changes in the real estate industry that will likely mean the beginning of the end of the traditional real estate industry and the solo agent model as we know it.

Wall Street invests billions to disrupt the traditional real estate industry

February's median home values reached $285,700 in significant appreciation, according to Redfin

The traditional brokerage/agent head-count model is in a death spiral

Veteran Wall Street enforcers are landing new roles on a wild frontier: virtual currencies. A growing number of crypto startups are adding former regulators and other government authorities to their payrolls...

The agent-centric era ends

February tends to be one of Austin’s slowest months for events as the city gears up for the massive SXSW festivals in March. But there’s still plenty to do in town. The first weekend of the month is all about...

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